Our Little Helper

Our Little Helper

After several years of skating by with relatively mild winters, we were back in the cold last week. We measured five degrees here one morning and 11 the next. We lost some broccoli in the high tunnel greenhouse that was

Broccoli in the High Tunnel


It’s dreary and wet, but I don’t think it’s something we’re not accustomed to nowadays. Happy New Year to everyone! And we want to extend a big thank you to all the people who helped make 2013 a success. Without

Almost Christmas

Here we are with a little over a week until Christmas. So far, two of our three best tree-selling weekends have brought rain, but we’ve still had a good season so far. We’re hoping the last week or so will

Cold Weather on the Way

It’s been way too long since we updated this page. The Sandhill cranes are flying south now, and lots of them the past few days, even as late as 10 p.m. over the past weekend. Therefore it’s not surprising that

Sandhill Cranes Heading North

All this rain and the sandhill cranes flying north… I’m guessing this is spring. Shucks. I was looking forward to some winter weather. We constantly talk about how different things are now versus decades ago. Now, we have strawberries in

A Rainy Tuesday

It’s a rainy Tuesday here at the farm, but we need the rain and it’s good to get it early in the week. We’re looking forward to a big weekend. We still have lots of nice trees in the field

Christmas Trees still available

Christmas is just a few days away… and we still have some beautiful trees left both in the field and in the barn. Our Leylands, Pines and Carolina Sapphires are priced to sell, as are the Frasers. Our trees are

Christmas Tree Barn

We had a good week working in the trees, working on the Christmas tree barn, planting onions and cutting turnip greens and collards. We hadn’t planned on going to the Peachtree City market on Saturday, but after .9 inches of

Tree Trimming

We’re getting ready to head out and trim trees this morning. They’re looking really good and we’ll have lots of them for you to pick from. I have been busy finding new and creative things to sell in the Christmas

Triple Header This Weekend

Special thanks to those who came and helped us out at the farmer’s market in Peachtree City today. We really enjoy seeing all the familiar faces as well as meeting new people. We have fresh-from-the-ground red potatoes, sweet onions and