Here in the Peach State, Gen. Beauregard “Beau” Lee did not see his shadow, thereby predicting an early spring.

 Up in Pennsylvania, Punxsutawney Phil did see his, which was interpreted as six more weeks of winter.

 I’m going with the home hog, especially since we have the Inman Antique Expo coming up on March 4-5.

 We haven’t been able to make much of a prediction based on our observations of migrating Sandhill Cranes.

 Our favorite fowl were unusually late migrating south this year, with many passing over after New Years Day. Just this past week, a V formation flew over, heading south at first, then mostly west and finally turning north. It’s like they don’t know themselves what the weather holds.

 One thing for sure is that it has been rainy. No real complaints on that, especially in light of the destruction suffered by our neighbors in Griffin and other communities from tornadoes a couple of weeks ago.

 Just after Christmas, we got our young Murray Cypress trees planted. But the jury’s still out on how they will do. 

 Temperatures in the single digits back in January, combined with strong winds, took a toll on many of them, especially those without a nearby windbreak to protect them. 

 We will know more about them shortly.

 As far as the Expo, we’ve been working to create an old-time engine shop in the barn next to Miss Quinnie’s log cabin.

 Our friend and long-time show supporter Joe Mangham has agreed to show visitors how to grind engine valves and seats, bore blocks and surface cylinder heads.

 We also plan to have most of our permanent exhibits in operation, other than those that depend on crops to function. (This time of year there’s no cane to cook into syrup, and no peas or oats to thresh.)

 Our nature trail and moonshine exhibits also will ready for visitors.

 Beginning last year, we combined our June Antique Truck Show with the Expo in hopes of creating a nice event to open the antique equipment show season.

 We hope lots of y’all with old tractors, trucks, cars and other equipment, as well as those of you who do arts and crafts, will work with us to build the Expo into a must-see event for exhibitors and visitors.

 If you have questions or comment, we can be reached at Vendors and crafters can reach Stephanie at

Thanks for reading. Hope to see lots of y’all soon.