Author: Stephanie Adamek

Rusty Relics: Pipe – 1; Pop-0

The first time I saw this old 1978 Ford F250 a friend of mine came by as we were preparing for Inman Farm Heritage Days a couple of years ago and offered to sell it to me. I was stretched

Rusty Relics: Old-fashion hearts are both young and old

 I ran into my old-car friend Garry McWhirter (the guy at NASCAR races and car shows wearing red shoes) at the Cumming Steam and Gas Exposition last weekend.  We were talking about the state of the old car/old truck/old tractor

Rusty Relics: The old ride gets a new ticker

 Back in the day, one of my favorite cousins, the late Weldon Stubbs, was well known in these parts for his slow driving.  He rarely drove over 45 or 50 miles per hour, and even though there was a lot

Rusty Relics: My own personal Purple People Eater

  Anybody that knows anything about me knows how cheap I am. I’ll spend money at the parts store or the junkyard, but not a lot.  When we go out to eat, anything over $10 a person makes me uncomfortable.

Rusty Relics: The stories this old truck could tell

Like many other motorsports reporters, I’ve always been really tickled to get a really good quote. You never know when or where they will come.  One of my favorites came years ago when I was interviewing then-Penske Racing president Don

Rusty Relics: Barn-Find Treasure

The term “barn find” pops up a lot in old car magazines and in classified ads. I always look at those claims with a bit of suspicion, but I do know of one that is for sure a barn find,

Rusty Relics: Back in action!

Years ago, a friend gave me a flat bed body that came off a pick-up truck.  I didn’t have an immediate use for it, so when my friend Ken Scurry asked if he could have it to put on his

Rusty Relics: A good trade – a jinx for a favorite

I’ve always been partial to 1969 Ford pickups. My dad bought one from Rufus Prayor when it was a couple of years old. When he got a newer truck, I took over the ’69 and drove it until we hit

Rusty Relics: New life to an old favorite

  At first glance, this rusty old truck might seem to be just another hunk of old iron.  In reality, it’s a piece of Fayette County history.  According to Travis Hardy, who appreciates old tractors, cars and trucks as much

Pasta with Collards and Sausage

Pasta with Collards and Sausage – From the kitchen of The Hills! 1 lb spicy smoked sausage, sliced 1 (8 oz.) pkg sliced fresh mushrooms 2 cloves garlic, minced 3 T olive oil 2 (10 oz.) pkgs frozen chopped collard