As we approach the 11th Annual Inman Antique Truck Show, I like to look back at our older shows to see how far we’ve come. What started as a hobby for Dad has progressed to an event where people with similar interests can come out and show off their rides. We are not ones to care about the perfection of the vehicle.

Dad has multiple trucks and cars (and by multiple, I mean it looks like he has a car lot or “rust farm” as my daughter so eloquently put it several years ago) and not a single of them are award-winning show quality. But they run and many of them serve many purposes, both on and off the farm. In fact, some of them are movie stars! And they often have instructions laying on the front seat to detail how to operate depending on the finicky temperaments of each one. This makes things interesting for us and know it must puzzle the ones using them on set!

As far as the truck show is concerned, we have missed hosting two shows: one due to COVID last year and one because we got too busy during our heavy vegetable farming days trying to sweat out a living. It is very easy to miss dates especially when you’re so accustomed to the fall show. It is always so exciting to do the truck show, though, because we get to walk around, talk to everyone and just enjoy our time with both exhibitors and spectators alike. It is a laid back atmosphere and we really enjoy that part of it.

Even though we have things lined up for the truck show (dash plaques and awards plaques are here and we are hoping to have t-shirts printed thanks to the angels we use for printing at JMAX Graphics), we still have other things we are doing as well. Our sunflowers are coming in and need hoeing out (of course it would be during the hottest week of the year) and today we are getting up oats for the upcoming Heritage Days with Tommy Hicks. 

A lot of the work that goes into these shows is behind the scenes and done months prior to the shows while the obvious stuff gets done the weeks leading up. There are so many awesome people who help us throughout these times and we wouldn’t know what to do without them. 

If you’re looking for something to do this Father’s Day weekend, come out to the farm! Admission is free and so is registration. Big Pig Barbecue is selling out of the main concession building as well. Come out and enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful old vehicles too! We look forward to seeing everyone and hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do!