We’re down to the last weekend of the season, and in many ways it’s the most wonderful time of the season. The hustle and bustle of previous weekends has slowed down, giving us more time to visit with our friends doing last-minute tree shopping.

But there is a little bit of sadness knowing that the Christmas tree season is almost over for another year. It’s like a line from a movie we watched last night – “December 26th is the saddest day of the year.”

We’re already starting to move forward. We trimmed some trees yesterday and will try to get most of the four-year-old Leyland Cypress done before Christmas Day.

There also a few old truck and tractor repair projects that we’re anxious to tackle.

There’s a body to be refloored for the ’51 Ford F5 truck and if we can catch a warm day, it would be nice to put some paint on a Ford 801 diesel that would be perfect for field work next year.

There seems to be a lot of interest in the old truck show that we’re planning for the Friday and Saturday before Father’s Day next year.

Happy Holidays. Come see us.

The Minters