We’re still gettting rain, which is greatly appreciated. Joanne and Steph and I have decided to get back into growing vegetables again. We’re starting small, but we’ll have some fresh produce to sell before long. We’re working on some sort of marketing plan, but what we’d like to do is sell most or all of what we raise right here on the farm.

Our first crops of tomatoes, okra, pepper, peas, beans, squash and cucumbers are planted using traditional methods, but we’re planning to switch over to growing on raised beds covered with plastic and watered by drip irrigation. We’d like to go as organic as is practical. We’re always a little leery of relying too much on chemicals.

We’re excited and anxious to hear feedback from our friends. Watch this site for more information in the coming days.

As always, we welcome your comments at contact form or call us at 770-461-2840.