April showers started a little early this year and there are no complaints here. So far, we’ve had more rain than usual and the trees are greatly appreciating this (and so are we). The days until the truck show are drawing nearer and nearer, and we are only 11 weeks away!

Our own truck stories are a little sad right now. Joanne and I went on a Sunday afternoon ride in our ’63 Ford one-ton truck, but just as we got to Woolsey, a rod came through the side of the block. But we’ve got another old engine about ready to go.

The cabbage and collards and potatoes in the garden are growing great.

Several tractor and truck projects are coming along nicely. Roscoe Smith, the legendary dirt tracker, has rebuilt several carburetors for us. They’re like brand new. We got one of the Super C Farmalls cranking good again (replaced the starter ring gear) and have an F-12 engine job almost done.

The injector pump on the 801 Ford got water in it and froze. We’re hoping JB Weld will work on that.

There some racing work to be done too. RacinToday.com is up and running. Check it out if you like motorsports.

Let us hear from you,

Rick and Stephanie.