I have been thinking about this idea for a while now. Many of our customers both at the market and here at the farm order meats through us throughout the year. It has been on the table for a while now and we are looking to start a Meat CSA Program sometime in July. We will follow our CSA Program schedule. Folks who are interested in continuing throughout the winter we will continue the program for them!

Through my research, various farms offer several choices in their Meat CSAs and we’re looking to have these three meats: pork, beef and chicken. The pork will be coming from Happy Hogs LLC while the beef and chicken will come through Rocking Chair Ranch. We will offer multiple options: small and large share sizes for all of these choices – singles, duos, and trios. Singles will be only one meat (only chicken or only beef or only pork). Duos will be the option of  two meats (pork/beef, pork/chicken, beef/chicken). Trios will be all three meats (pork, beef and chicken). The small portions will be 10-12 lbs (depending on the options) while the large portions will be 20 lbs.

As the CSA provider, we will make sure your shares aren’t exactly the same time after time. You will always have certain items in each share. For example, beef portions will always include ground beef, pork portions will always include sausage (variety may vary), and chicken portions will always include breasts. There will be different cuts we will place in the shares – Pork: chops, loins, hams, bellies, ribs, shoulders, cubed, etc.; Chicken: whole, halves, wings, thighs/leg quarters, etc.; Beef: sliders, patties, cubed, sausage, roasts, sirloins, etc.). Many items (bacon, briskets, and other cuts that aren’t found as often on the animals) may be special orders and we treat those as extras unless you’d like to substitute.

We are looking at pricing to make sure everyone gets a great deal.

Questions we need answered:

  1. How often would you like to pick up? Monthly? Bi-monthly?
  2. What would you like to see specifically as special items?
  3. Are you interested?

Let us know if you’re interested soon – email us at stephanie@mintersfarm.com. Don’t wait – July is just around the corner.