This summer has been a little interesting this year… hardly any rain here to speak of and crazy temperatures! What is happening? Is this what the weather is going to be like from here on out? I can totally get used to the cooler summers – but maybe cut back a little on all this humidity… while I’m making demands and all.

In re-reading my last post (I’m fully aware how long it has taken me to write another one), I wrote about the deer fence. If you are close to us, you will understand the frustration that came along with said fence. If it weren’t so good at keeping away all but the most persistent of deer I believe I would have forfeited over the land and crops to them. The fence project was not an easy task and definitely took longer than originally planned. In using the nicest language I can muster, there were all kinds of mishaps and such throughout the months it took to build it! But I need to make sure I thank the wonderful people who helped us install it all – Curtis Ballard, Jeff and Jerry Allen, Duck Carden and Paw Paw (Jim Minter). Without their help, it would have been a disaster and I’m pretty sure I would have quit.

On a more delightful note, we have been working hard in the kitchen this year trying to come up with some new recipes. Blueberry-Peach Jam is our newest to the menagerie. Our next job is going to be getting everything ready to plant for the fall. We have some yummy things to set out this year – Lacinato kale, brussels sprouts, carrots, beets, cauliflower, red cabbage, spinach, bok choy, arugula and more. We’re looking forward to the fall and winter crops since old man Jack Frost comes along and kills off those pesky, persistent weeds naturally for us.

The 5th Annual Inman Antique Truck Show was a great success and I will attempt to add some of the pictures from the event (I’m still steadily learning how to operate the new website – I think my four year old would have better luck)! I want to thank each and every person who came out and supported the event, helped clean up the place and to all the wonderful folks with the Griffin Piedmont Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America – without everyone’s efforts and support, nothing would be possible!

We also had some of my friends from A&A Photography come by the farm and take some wonderful pictures of the place, so I will be uploading many of those soon as well. There are some truly amazing pictures from these incredible photographers! Visit their blog or find them on Facebook (A & A Photography).

Our 18th Annual Inman Farm Heritage Days is around the corner. A few of Dad’s buddies came by and took pictures for us to use for the program cover and cover story today. It’s exciting getting everything started for this year’s show and I am looking forward to working with and seeing everyone this year.

Until next time – enjoy the remaining days of summer and good luck understanding this weather!

– Stephanie