Not often do people understand how difficult it is to find or think of new exhibits for our shows. So much time, critiquing, arguing… er discussing, frustration and especially labor goes into each thing we have on our showgrounds. And volunteers… LOTS of volunteers. It is hard to add buildings in this county so we try and work with what is already existing to make the most of it all.

For the last 12 months, once we realized we would have to cancel the 2020 shows, our brainstorming of what we could do to make the next show bigger and better than the last began. For over 20 years, we have built up the current exhibits, changed and added to them, had to let a few sit during the shows because we no longer had anyone who knew how to operate them and have also purchased previously donated exhibits so Inman Farm Heritage Days Inc. now has some great permanent assets. 

It is important to note that without volunteers and donations, Inman Farm Heritage Days would probably no longer be on anyone’s calendar. And this year’s newest exhibits come from donators that are just right down the road from us. 

The family of our long-time friend and neighborhood sawmiller R.O. Maxwell has donated his belt-driven lathe and drill press, along with a four-sided wood planer, power unit, arbor press, and other equipment that’s either over 100 years old or just under. We also have received the log loader he built for his truck, and several other items from his collection. The Maxwell’s also have placed on loan a small, working cotton gin that will be displayed alongside the full-size one already here.

The late John Burch Sr.’s old hay hauling truck being transported by Civil Sites Services

Also, the family of the late John Burch Harp Sr. has agreed to let us bring back to working order his 1974 Ford pickup with a custom-built rig to move round bales of hay.

Both men were great friends for years – John Burch was Rick’s great uncle – and highly respected in the community – just the kind of people Inman Farm Heritage Days seeks to honor.

Tommy Hicks works to remove line shafts from the R.O. Maxwell Shop

This is why and how we get to do what we do. We have wonderful families fulfilling our dreams by donating and loaning exhibits that are magnificent additions to our show. It is so incredible when people from all walks of life come together to take down machinery, piece by piece, load by load, and learn to work together as they put it back in its original form. Fortunately, there are several volunteers of the Heritage Days capable of this artform and are also able to learn new tricks as well.

We are looking forward to our show in September but in the meantime are getting prepared for our Inman Antique Truck Show and Kickin’ COVID Crank-Up on June 19th! All vehicles 25 years and older are invited… we’re leaving the farm-related (tractors, engines, etc.) for Inman Farm Heritage Days but would love for you to bring out your rides – trucks, cars, construction equipment, Jeeps, Broncos, Doodlebugs, campers, motorhomes, wreckers and more are all welcome!