Many of you may have noticed we weren’t at the Peachtree City Farmers Market this past Saturday (a first missed Saturday market since January last year) – and a special thanks to those at Circle M Farms who helped us sell our eggs! Mom, Dad and myself attended the SSAWG (Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group) conference this past weekend and learned so much! We have decided to try and do some things differently around here and it was fun meeting new people who gave us new ideas and can help us implement them as well!


We are considering doing a co-op CSA (community supported agriculture) where multiple, LOCAL farmers will provide subscribers with a variety of foods for a set fee. Some options we are entertaining aside from just vegetables are cuts of meat, eggs and other locally grown/made items. Your feedback on this would be greatly appreciated – use the Contact Form or leave us a comment on Facebook (Minter’s Farm).

Also, you may have seen on the main webpage we’ve decided to do a newsletter. Send us your email address and we can get you on our list. The newsletters will include a combination of what we’re doing on the farm, recipes, pictures, and many other things. It will be a great way to keep up with what’s going on here.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, we’ve been fertilizing our blackberries, raspberries and blueberries with composted litter and just had a new load brought in to get the fields ready for the new seasons to come. In case you come down McBride Rd or are just driving through Inman, the smell that is at both the main farm on Hill’s Bridge Rd and at my grandparent’s on McBride Rd… it’s us. Sorry. It’s hard to miss, but extremely good for reintroducing good nutrients into the ground. We want to do things more sustainably (and have been doing a decent job of it the last couple of years), but are looking forward to doing a better job! It’s hard, so give us time… that old saying about teaching an old dog new tricks definitely applies to us! So here’s to more learning and educating ourselves. I, personally, can’t wait to learn more about it.

Wish us luck! And have a great Tuesday!