Christmas is just a few days away… and we still have some beautiful trees left both in the field and in the barn. Our Leylands, Pines and Carolina Sapphires are priced to sell, as are the Frasers. Our trees are great for those families on a budget. Some of our choose-and-cut trees in the field are priced starting at $7. I’ve been making wreaths non-stop since Friday. We had a couple orders for some of our largest rings (30-prong when finished are about 44 inches wide) with Magnolia leaves and Holly berries, and the orders started coming in! Call us and let us know if you want any wreaths to help decorate your home this Christmas season.
Don’t forget, we still have greens! Collard, mustard, turnip and kale are all ready this week. Keep us in mind for your holiday meals. Our broccoli is almost ready for picking, so we will have that available soon too.
I hope everyone has a great week, good luck shopping (I guess I need to start) and be safe on the roads!