All this rain and the sandhill cranes flying north… I’m guessing this is spring. Shucks. I was looking forward to some winter weather. We constantly talk about how different things are now versus decades ago. Now, we have strawberries in March, peaches in April and May and muscadines in July. Even just two years ago, things weren’t this way! But we have adapted well and hope the permanent plants do the same (chill hours are pretty important).
Things have been crazy here at the farm while we get all the fruiting plants ready for the upcoming year as well as the future. We’ve planted more muscadines and are planning to put in more blackberries, raspberries and blueberries once the plants come. Some exciting new things to look for are nectarines, plums, pomegranates, persimmons and strawberries!
Everything is a new experience and we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the many different fruits and vegetables we will be growing. On top of the new trees, we have ordered more asparagus to finish out our field we planted last March. Unfortunately, asparagus takes about 3 years to establish itself. Before we know it, we will be harvesting beautiful stalks. Nothing tastes better than homegrown and I personally can’t wait to try them.
Now, on my one last note for the day, we are pleased to say we will be offering farm fresh eggs this year. The new batch of Gold Comets will be here in April and I’m torn. Chicken houses are terribly smelly and it was never my favorite place to clean up… this might be a good job for Dad. Although, since we have used chicken litter at the farm, it’s really not that bad. I guess I can help him out then…
I hope everyone enjoys this little bit of rainy weather coming up… you know we probably won’t get lucky enough to get much this summer!