Rusty Relics: My own personal Purple People Eater

  Anybody that knows anything about me knows how cheap I am. I’ll spend money at the parts store or the junkyard, but not a lot.  When we go out to eat, anything over $10 a person makes me uncomfortable.

Rusty Relics: The stories this old truck could tell

Like many other motorsports reporters, I’ve always been really tickled to get a really good quote. You never know when or where they will come.  One of my favorites came years ago when I was interviewing then-Penske Racing president Don

Rusty Relics: Barn-Find Treasure

The term “barn find” pops up a lot in old car magazines and in classified ads. I always look at those claims with a bit of suspicion, but I do know of one that is for sure a barn find,

Rusty Relics: Back in action!

Years ago, a friend gave me a flat bed body that came off a pick-up truck.  I didn’t have an immediate use for it, so when my friend Ken Scurry asked if he could have it to put on his

Rusty Relics: A good trade – a jinx for a favorite

I’ve always been partial to 1969 Ford pickups. My dad bought one from Rufus Prayor when it was a couple of years old. When he got a newer truck, I took over the ’69 and drove it until we hit

Rick’s Rusty Relics

As many of you know, Minter’s Farm is a home for all things rusty. Some things run and some things sit. But all things here have a sentimental value that makes them irreplaceable. Each one of us have adapted some

Rusty Relics: New life to an old favorite

  At first glance, this rusty old truck might seem to be just another hunk of old iron.  In reality, it’s a piece of Fayette County history.  According to Travis Hardy, who appreciates old tractors, cars and trucks as much