We’re trying as hard as we can to get some field work done, but the rain every three days is keeping us out of the fields for the most part. We do have some turnip greens and collards coming along, and sacks of other vegetables seed on hand as soon as we can get the fields in shape. We’ve enjoyed working on some of the old trucks and tractors. Used the Farmall Cub and sprayer yesterday for the first time in several years. It had sat so long the steering froze up but it ran OK once we did a tune-up and other repairs. The sprayer pump quit after three rows, but Tractor Supply in Griffin had a new one on the shelf and Steph and I had it going again in less than an hour. Those 12-volt pumps must be pretty unreliable because the shelves at Tractor Supply were full of them.

Remember – Eat More Collards from Minter’s Farm.